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The Setting – Free Range Explorers

The Setting

Free Range Explorers is situated in my family home, which is perfect for welcoming and allowing children to feel at ease whilst here.  It is close to Mrs Ethelstone’s Primary School, Uplyme and a short drive from Lyme Regis.


The following spaces are used with the children:

The front room- This is the non-messy play space, book corner, role play, construction, baby toys, and ICT.

The Kitchen- Meal and Snack times, cooking, painting, play dough, indoor messy play.

The bathroom- Hand washing and toileting.

Bedroom- My bedroom will be used as a sleep room during the day, depending on individual routines.  Children are also welcome to rest on the sofa down stairs if this suits them better.

The Garden- The best bit!  This is separated into three spaces.  Immediately outside the house is a small enclosed area, which is resourced with role play, sand and water trays, mark making and any messy activity we can think of!  The larger area of the garden at the back offers a trampoline for older children, chickens to take care of and some fruit trees.  The large front space is being developed for the children, recently adding a vegetable patch, and a growing willow den.  This area is a continuous area of improvement. 

All other areas of my house are not be registered and are not accessed by the children, although regular visits within the community are part of our weekly routine.  These include the beach, park, toddler groups, library, woodlands and nature visits, farms and transport!